About Us


Snake Eyes Software is driven to enable small to medium size businesses to compete with large businesses by providing software services and products that create systems and automate key tasks saving both time and money so that their owners can live the life they choose to live rather than live the business.


Honesty and integrity are not just words, but they are embedded in everything that we do. From how we communicate with our customers to the effort placed the services we provide to the software we develop. We believe that relationships are driven by honesty and integrity and that all of our interactions are to build relationships.

Who are we:

Evan Oslick – I graduated from Drexel University way back in 1997. I have over 20 years in the Information Technology space working with financial services, consulting, and software vendors. I have spent the early part of my career working on building software (consulting and the financial services industry) and have spent the most recent part helping organizations build more secure applications by performing vulnerability assessments that break software (and then teach developers how to prevent future vulnerabilities) and building out secure software development life cycles. My goal is to leave organizations and business in a more efficient and better position than when I started.